Meet Rick Roberts

Conservative. Reformer.

Rick Roberts has lived in Greenville since 1974 and graduated from Mauldin High School before attending Clemson University. Family means everything to Rick.  His wife, Kim, grew up in Laurens and is currently the Director of Operations for My Health First Network here in Greenville. They have two beautiful daughters - Kyley and Reese. They are members at Grace Church Pelham Campus. 

Rick’s career has included time as VP of Operations at Roberts Communication Construction Inc., the family-owned business. Rick’s father started this company in the mid-1980’s burying communication cable throughout the Upstate. After his father retired, the company was sold in 2006.  Rick then started working for KMC Benefits (a benefits consulting and brokerage firm) here in the upstate. His work focuses on helping large employers to develop plans to improve the overall health and wellbeing of all their employees. Working for these two great companies in a very competitive market, Rick was able to develop top skills as a contract negotiator. 

As a councilman, Rick has led the fight for common sense reform to combat local government’s wasteful spending.  He asked for basic financial oversight of monies being allocated for all new county buildings. Halton Road buildings were planned to be purchased for over $30 million without an appraisal.  Note – this same property sold for $18M the year before.

Rick also fought for more oversight of the Downtown County Building Project. Rick has built a reputation as a reformer.  He is the most vocal and consistent leader, never afraid to question public spending and the need for greater transparency and oversight. 

Now Rick Roberts needs your help to continue to be your conservative voice on council. If you believe Greenville County Council needs a reformer, a fighter, and a consistent conservative voice… then Rick Roberts is your choice.