Why I'm Running for
Greenville County Council

I'm proud of my strong record of fighting against wasteful government spending and fighting for local law enforcement. My promise is to continue to fight for local government reform in the Upstate.

As a first-term Greenville County Councilman, I have earned a reputation for running government more like a small business and cutting waste. In fact, I was the first council member to question transparency around the Greenville County administrator’s salary (the highest in the Upstate with a total compensation package worth well over $350,000, with no review in the past ten years). Due to this leadership, formal reviews are now required every year.

A Voice for Greenville's Law Enforcement

I have also been a strong voice for local law enforcement. I proudly coordinated the effort to get interagency radios that allow communication between firemen, EMS workers, and sheriff’s deputies. Now all of those agencies can communicate with each other while responding to an emergency.


Most importantly, as Chair of the Public Safety and Human Services committee, I helped to build support for passing the largest increase in deputy sheriffs’ salaries (average of 16% increase) to be more competitive with other counties in the Upstate.

Transportation Infrastructure

I speak with families every week that are frustrated with the time they have to spend in traffic. We need a strategic plan that includes municipalities, transportation officials, and local business and community leaders to ensure our infrastructure needs are met.

Greenville County's Voice for Reform

Friends, I want to continue to be the people’s voice for reform on County Council. People are frustrated with the lack of transparency and spending, and I will continue the fight to make sure Greenville County government is more efficient and more accountable.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.